Rules & Regulations

General instructions for taking admission

Candidate is advised to ensure his/her eligibility before filling in the form. If any eligibility criteria as per prospectus has not fulfilled, he/she is advised not to submit the form and remit fee. Otherwise fee, if remitted, will be forfeited with out any intimation to him/her.

General Rules

  1. Students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline for efficient learning and the best possible development of their personality.
  2. Students are expected to abide by the institution rules, instructions and notices issued by the center.
  3. Lack of punctuality in attendance, in payment of institution dues and in other matters is viewed seriously.
  4. Negligent use of institutional property will be dealt with by the Director in the first instance.
  5. Minimum stipulated attendance- 75% will enable the students to appear for university examination.
  6. Students who wish to take leave must send application in written duly countersigned by their parents, guardians to the institution office.
  7. Selected students have to deposit the first monthly fee, registration fee and admission fee.
  8. Monthly fees have to be deposited before the 7 of every month failing which a late fee of 10 per day extra will charge. This relaxation with late fee is up to the 15 of every month.
  9. In case of failure in depositing fees regularly, the registration of the student will be cancelled. If the student drops out form the course mid term. Than his/her registration is liable for cancellation without refund of the earlier deposited fees.
  10. Student registration is valid for a period of one year only.
  11. No refund of any fees is admissible after it is deposited.

Identity Card

  1. Identity Card is issued to the students on registration.
  2. Students are expected to be in possession of their Identity Card while attending the classes and within the premises of HIIT.
  3. A student will not be allowed to appear in an examination if he/she is unable to produce his/her Identity card.
  4. In Case of a loss of an Identity card, a duplicate identity Card may be issued on a written application and against a payment of Rs. 50.
  5. A student is required to get fees entry on Identity card every month by the competent authority of the institute.


  1. During the course, every student is evaluated through theoretical and practical examinations which is the part of the students' final evaluation.
  2. Students must clear must all dues prior to the final examination, other wise he/she may be debarred from appearing the examination and will be treated as re-examination case and required to pay the requisite reexamination fee.
  3. Passing in an examination requires marks of not less than 40% in each of the elements of internal coursework and the final exam.